So I get a lot of comments from you guys always asking me Hey man, why have you done this guy?

I want to sound like this guy.

What is this guy doing? I waited three years for this guy to be this guy.

What does this guy do this guy?

I try my best to cover as many artists as I can.

But there are some artists and producers that literally just sound like other artists and producers.

So today I’m going to oversimplify things by doing whatever genre is made.

It’s kind of a new thing.

Well, not really.

Everyone’s done it.

So basically, today we’re going to be doing future bass because a lot of you guys like future bass.

I like Future bass.

So yeah.

Okay, so a little history lesson, let’s look up Wikipedia future bass electronic dance music genre featuring modulators synthesizer bass sound block producers have been going this route lately. Flamingo made it big bass Garrick saidt mellow In the key of D flat minor, I got the B major then the G flat major.

Then the D flat B flat minor so yeah yeah, that’s the four corners. Then if you want to spice things up a bit just change this to the minor to the root minor. D flat E flat Why did I just say we’re in D flat minor? My God I messed up the instruments for the parts. I used this weird I’m dead mouse sounding synth.

And I automated it a bit, yeah sub-bass.

Not much to explain then you want this melody?

I’m not sure what this thing is because I just basically from this patch I don’t even though Yeah, that’s some glass.

That’s usually your intro part that you just kind of copy and paste here.

Repeat this once.

Once actually, you really repeat this four times you want to add like this book he sent in the build-up as you can see right here.

Then I mean, then you add not I this is what you’re supposed to do add this thing.

I don’t even know.

It’s like this weird hybrid stream.

So yeah, basically the intro I’m not gonna play pretty much know what it sounds like.

So yeah, I’m just gonna play the power word until the drums come in.

The first thing you need is you need the right tempo if you want it between 130 and 160 beats per minute.

I’ve got to keep mine at like 165. So yeah, what’s he got the tempo down?

What else am I supposed to do?

Oh, cypher drums.

Actually, to be honest, I already made the project so he can either go anyway. You can do like the hip hop sounding drums or you can do like the dubstep drums or just combine them both.

That’s what I did.

Basically, you want kind of like a beat like this, if you know what I mean, so you start off with the kick then layer with a snare. Well, this wood thing really makes you really want a snare and have this thing that makes sure you have Yeah, that’s really good.

Therefore, like the drop part ever mentioned, you want a drum kit. Basically, you want like a real drum kit and like somewhere in the verse as you can see right here like I’m using Superior Drummer cuz I want a real drum and the drum kind of goes like this.

Then then you want to like layer and with electronic sounds.

So yeah, here’s the real drum.

Then you have a snare kick.

Then then then the drop layer with something then a tight snare and like a clap thing and then a symbol that goes along with the kick and then the wait for it then this symbol yes the god that’s all your drums nothing complicated I ever mentioned you want these we’ve reversed symbols then a couple of symbols then this impact Oh yeah, I forgot to mention you want like Tom’s like epic Tom’s new here in those like weird trailer movies and stuff.

That’s in the build-up.

So yeah, this is what makes bass music so contagious.

It’s always the drops.

Now future bass goes in two ways. You gotta get the will be sound or the really aggressive sound pretty much everyone’s going for nowadays.

So basically for the movies, since you really don’t need a sound design, but I did in this case. You want something that sounds very Wubi as you can see, I made this. I’m not sure how, but like, I just threw in a couple of L’s. Make sure you’re using CRM so it’s not future based.

If you’re not using CRM, you need this.

Then you want like the typical sauce chord.

Look at that.

Then you want something like this.

I’m not even sure what this is.

I am sure you had this weird pitch thing.

So yeah, altogether you get.

So yeah, that’s the first drop.

So for the second one, which is what most of these producers are going for nowadays, they’re going for the big sound. You got to have big sauce, basically playing the same chords, but you just add more notes.

Then you have this thing.

I make sure to add a bass to like add a real bass even though it’s wheelbase.

So yeah, basically, that’s the draw.

And basically, all you got to do is just duplicate all this to make it very thick.

You want to really think that’s how thick you want it.

And basically, you want your computer to sound like this as you can hear.

So if your computer does not sound like this, when you’re making the drop, you’re doing it all wrong.

Then you can just add the melody if you want and basically for the drop basically off the track down. Once you got the track, the most important part you need is a vocalist.

Now, if you don’t have a vocalist or you don’t know how to sing, you’re basically really followed. In this case, we’re not because we got someone who can sing and it’s on this computer and yes, it doesn’t lead to our sponsor.

Second shout out to Vocaloid for sponsoring this video.

So if you’ve never heard a Vocaloid, basically Vocaloid is a vocal engine that allows you to make vocals on the spot without knowing how to sing or record vocals vocal I came up with this new version vocally five and gives you humongous flexibility to make your vocals vocal.

It comes with four singers, Amy Chris, Yaki Giri, Chiara can vocally come with many phrases and presets, so you can browse through them and choose the one that you like.

All the best for vocalese. You can edit your own vocals, as you can see right here, you can type in any word you want, like, I don’t know, let’s say food.

And what’s awesome about you is you can control the pitch, dynamics, tone and many parameters to that phrase, sort of vocal.

There’s also a mixer that comes with vocal loi, and you can also harmonize Vocaloid, so if you don’t know how to sing, or you just don’t want to hire a vocalist, definitely check out Vocaloid. I highly recommend it login and descriptions Go check out vocally and start making vocals today.

Now a lot of future bass producers always tend to use female singers.

It’s usually that indie girl who pronounces her vows very odd, but since I don’t have a vocalist and I’m using a vocal legend, I just programmed these phrases. Let’s just take a listen by itself.

It sounds a bit weird at first, but if you were to play it all together, Oh yeah, then you hear this weird stuff?

Like literally every bass producer, they just do weird vocal chops, or do you want to add some harmonies?

I didn’t want to program because that takes too long for me.

So I just throw in a vocoder, which still works, but I’m just lazy.

I’m just that lazy.

So yeah, that’s it and yeah, some vocal chops like those weird ones.

Make sure you like Darla Reaver maxed it out because it needs to sound very well.

It’s like a tsunami of wetness coming your way.

That just sounds so messed up.

I never talked about the lyrics, well lyrics. Actually, lyrics don’t even matter.

Everyone needs racks on racks on racks, on racks on racks on racks on racks.

Your whole screen should be side chain.

I think we’re good.

I think it’s time to take a listen to this track.

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