I’m going to show you a super ninja hack on how to get a ton of places the day you release your music.

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Today, we’re gonna actually go over SoundCloud and how to get 10,000 plays on the first day of release.

So there are a bunch of different strategies and a bunch of different ways to actually make this happen.

And I’m going to show you every single one. Let’s go.

So the first thing on the list is content. You want to make sure you’re publishing your best work yet because if you don’t publish your best work yet, people are not going to want to listen or subscribe or follow or even repost any of your music.

And then, once you start telling your story through your music, people start to follow you.

And once people start following you and building up a large enough fan base, then every single time you release your music, you’re gonna get a bunch of plays right off the bat. Hold on for a second.

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The second thing on the list is social media. Utilize every single one of your social media platforms that includes YouTube, that includes Facebook, Instagram, tik tok, any sort of platform that you have a following on, make sure you’re posting your music on those platforms as well.

Because ideally, you want to build up a large enough following on other platforms that when you do shave music, it drives a ton of traffic to your music on SoundCloud. You also need to know that you are a brand.

So whenever you put out music, it needs to be consistent and cohesive across all platforms.

So third on the list is creating a playlist.

If you’re not organized, it’s gonna deter a lot of people. Whenever you want to share your music, you’re not gonna be spamming. What you’re going to be able to do now is once you create a playlist or EP, you can

And then they’re going to be able to check out all your songs.

It just makes you look a lot more professional.

And it makes people take you a lot more seriously some cool things you could do for organizing your music.

You can organize them into playlists, for example, play with your singles, playlists for each piece, play with playlists, for features, playlists for mixes, that other people include your music and one of my favorite tools for releasing music is distro kid because when you release your music on distr

So you have the option to select Apple Music.

To select iTunes to select Spotify, you have the option to select every single platform. You’re now able to get discovered in more places. It’s a one-time fee, and you get to post unlimited music as many times as you want throughout the year for that fee.

It gives you the ability to test what songs are working and what songs don’t work.

If a song doesn’t particularly work and isn’t getting a lot of plays, you can always delete it.

Say you have a couple of songs that you released as singles that are performing really well.

You can always delete it and re-release it as an EP, so another really good thing about distro kid is you get to keep 100% of the profits, so any revenue you generate from releasing your music and selling your music, you get to keep 100% of that other distribution services take a percentage of all.

So if you don’t have a district kid and you want to join distro kid, I’m actually gonna leave a link in the description that will give you a 10% offer for signing up today.

By the way, everything I’m sharing with you right now is only a fraction of what I share in my SoundCloud course. I’m gonna link to it in the description in the bio. It goes over everything from branding, to content creation to advertising to marketing, your music,

So definitely check it out. The link is going to be in the description below.

So the next thing on the list is being reliable and being transparent in your music.

And when I say that, I mean that.

A lot of people when they create music, they’re not authentic. They rap or sing about things that they haven’t really experienced in their life.

People can pick up on this, so what you want to do You actually want to make sure when you are talking about things in your music, make sure it’s true and authentic like people move towards what’s real.

And when they see someone being transparent and vulnerable in their music, they’re gonna relate to it.

So they’re going to start following you because they want to know your journey and hear what you’re going to talk about next, and your music.

Again, people love stories, and they will trust you 100% more and like your music more, because of the lyrics you use.

And the story you tell.

Now, for electronic music people, vocals are very important because people love vocals. It makes the song a lot more catchy, and it will make them want to repeat the song over and over and over again.

Now, if you don’t use lyrics in your music, that’s okay as well.

But the chances of your music being played more frequently isn’t as much as it would be if you had the vocals in your tracks.

Alright guys, stick around to the end of this video.

And I’m going to show you a super ninja hack that not a lot of artists utilize. It doesn’t make sense, they don’t do this.

And it automatically gets you 1000s of plays, right on the day of release.

Now, this next one, I’ve said so many times, it’s that important.

And it’s consistent.

You need to be consistent with your music.

Because if you do not put on new content, people will start to forget about you.

And you don’t want that to happen.

Maybe you don’t want to release it every single day.

But maybe try to make a song for every week or every two weeks or at least once a month.

A good way to be consistent is actually to create a content calendar. Just take a calendar mark off once every two weeks or once every month on the date that you’re going to release a new song.

And this will keep you accountable.

So my next point is the most important of them all: to build a list. start building a list around your music.

Because imagine if you have 10,000 people to reach out to every time you release a new song, then if 1000 people listen to it, that 1000 plays automatically on the day you release it.

If you have a list that can be an email list that could be active followers, people who are actually engaged in your content subscribers can be any form of a list.

As long as people aren’t engaged, let’s use an email list.

So your email list is filled with 100,000 fans, and you release a song.

Even if 10% of the 100,000 listen to your music, then that 10,000 plays on day one. You don’t want to just rely on the follower numbers or the subscriber numbers.

Because social media platforms control your reach.

So they only show between five to 12% of your followers or subscribers your content. Why rely on a platform that the platform is not going to put your content in front of everyone who actually follows you?

If someone actually opts into your email list to get one of your songs or to stay up to date with your latest releases, that means they’re actually real fans.

Now, the more people who do that and the more people who actually subscribe or opt into your email list, the easier it is for you to get plays on your music.

So again, imagine having 100,000 people who opt into your email list and then you send out your new release.

That’s the fastest way to actually get 10,000 plays on your music.

The last on the list is the repost exchange.

And this is one of the most powerful tools for an artist who wants to get more plays, repost for comments on their truck.

And I say this because these are actually real people and real people reposting, commenting and liking your music.

Now repost, exchange have so many different features that support artists and help them get more plays on their music.

Like, for example, you can actually create promotions that put your music on a list for everyone to listen to.

Everyone who listens to your music actually gets points for reposting or commenting on your track.

So this is a really awesome and powerful tool for growing your fan base or growing the number of plays on your music.

So definitely take advantage of the repost exchange.

So I’m going to leave a link in the description that actually gives you some points for when you sign up for the repost exchange.

Again, this is just a fraction of what I covered in the Sound Cloud mastery course.

So definitely go check out the links in the description.

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And I will definitely create a video on that topic for next week.

All right, so here’s the bonus.

So this is what I do all the time.

I just found someone else’s account that has a large following.

And I asked them to repost my track.

And then when they repost my track, I automatically get 1000s of views on the first day of release.

And this is something you can easily do yourself.

All you have to do is find a profile.

Some do it for free, and some you have to pay, so all you do is ask them, Hey, can you repost my track?

And then they’ll say yes or no.

And then if they repost it now, your song is going to be put in front of 1000s of people.

And then you’re going to get a ton of plays on the day you release music is genius.


I don’t understand why a lot of artists do not do this at all.

And this is how you get your music on a playlist.

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