In this video, I will show you how to legally sample old tracks and create a track with them.

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And I’ll give you more info about them in a minute.

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And without further ado, let’s get straight into this.

Clip is a record store for sampling.

And they have over 1000 tracks that are ready to be sampled and be used in your own tracks.

This platform can be very helpful for a lot of producers who want to sample old songs and legally use them in your own tracks.

For a lot of producers, it’s really hard and time consuming to clear a sample.

But with direct lead, this is really easy to do.

They have a great amount of genres of samples like blues, country, electronic, hip hop, or rap, jazz, and many more.

If you want an r&b or soul style vocal, just click on the r&b section.

And they can filter on Sanki, Drake dives VPN, and more filters are really like the vocals that directly has like this one, which is a kind of solo vocal.

The BPM is right here, the key is here.

And it’s released in 1953.

And it sounds like this where you heard me but I ain’t gone we have to take and I’ll still ban it.

If we want a different key we can go to some key field or and just like key like C major.

And then we get a lot of songs at the RSC major agent sample from this website.

And other thing that’s great to mention is the track club is hosting a contest in collaboration with spinnin Records waking when a release on their label.

It’s a beat battle with fire beats Akin choose one of their favorite samples to create a club track width, I will leave a link in the description which leads to the competition page.

These are the 10 samples that fire beats like that, that they really like like this one, not this one can I get a little ugly wrestling.

And I think I’m going to use this first one for my entry which will make in this video as well.

Now if you’re one of the winners, you can win a release on the Spillane talent pool label and link up with fire beats merchandise and much more cool stuff.

Make sure to use the sign up link that’s in the description so you can get 15 tracks for free.

A can also enter this competition for free.

Now let’s work with the vocal I just found a let’s head into FL Studio.

I just download the sample from track clip and put it in FL Studio, which sounds like this.

times Alright, tonight, not at times.

That’s the sample I going to be working with.

Legally Sample Old Tracks
Unrecognizable man making music in studio, playing synthesizer

And I already put it on the right BPM, I put it on one on 25 BPM, when I play the song with the metronome, you can hear that it’s getting a little of beat like here.

Like here, it’s not on the right beat.

And that’s a really easy fix for that which I will show you now this is the part of sample that I will be using.

As a match sure it’s on the beat.

open up a new time, which is a plugin that goes with FL Studio.

You can also use melodyne for instance, and drag the sample in new time like this.

New time automatically finds out where the kick is like this one, and to quantize it perfectly on a beat.

Slide Ctrl A to select everything.

Then go to the scissors or edit knob over here.

And then select quantize style.

Now it’s on the beat and let’s put it in the playlist.

As you can see over here, you can see that’s already fitting better to the beat and on this beat as well.

If you look at the previous one, you will get a little bit of quality loss but I will make sure you can hear it anymore.

When I’m working on the track.

I cut out the vocal which is at the beginning of the whole sample and it’s just acapella.

So can work really easily with it.

I also made sure that it’s on a beat by just slicing it with this little tool over here.

And it sounds like this.

Times are at tonight.

Not at times to make the focus on Fuller.

I added this copy of the Volcker and bitsa down an octave like this.

And if we play them together you can definitely hear that the focus Was Sony more full and bigger right now, I want to go for a tech house vibe.

So I created this simple techos beath, which is a K club and high F.

And it sounds like this gig is from our hazard sample back.

Then there are two layers of claps like this one.

And this one.

And between the cake and claps, there’s a higher playing just a simple house beat.

At the end of this bar, I also made the cake play twice like this, and created a rhythm with a clip.

For some variation, what is a tempo strike without a base in the nothing.

So I made this based on which plays a little bit of same bass notes as in original sample sounds like this.

I made with two I made with two layers.

The first one is a top layer, it’s a sample from our sample in collaboration with some pachow.

It sounds like this.

And the second layer sounds like this, which is more of a main base.

There is some processing going on, but not that much.

For this one, I boosted a little bit of the low end because I thought it needs some more sub frequencies.

And for the second one, there is a EQ on there, which gets out a lot of the low end because there was already low and for the other bass.

This one is more like mid bass.

Which also adds a little bit more harmonics.

There’s also chemical on there, but it’s not turned on so it doesn’t do anything.

And then those two bases go into this bus does kick start on there for siting, and that’s it together with the drums, it sounds like this.

I added a drum loop and the need to drums to make it a little bit more interest.

It has some progression playing a little bit of beat, which gives it a nice proof, which is nice.

And I also edit if you effects like this downfield or some weird take effects a downfield or like this one.

In the second part of the drop, there is a ride coming in.

The build up is fairly simple.

It’s just a sample that we made fit to the beat.

And in the first part, it’s filled up with this automation over here.

So that gives a little bit of an intro to the sound.

And in the build-up, it’s opening up completely the higher-end clap are playing in the build-up as well.

So my fakes like outfielders downfield there’s a snare wall as well, which I was like this.

I also started looping the sample so it gets more of a buildup effect like this.

This makes sure people know that there’s something big going there’s filter on the sample, which cuts out the base during the build-up like this.

And a small which also helps with that build-up effect.

And just before the drop hits, I edit this focus shout which is also a sample that I found on a clip and it’s in the fire beats selection as well.

I bet it down a few semitones.

So normally it would sound like this and I pitch it down a few semitones like so.

I added a tape stop effect on top of it so it stops just before the drop head.

And that’s how you create a track around his sample and this is the final result.

I hope you guys like this IV, I think I’m going to finish it and use it as my entry for the competition, but you can also enter the competition by using the link in the description.

And I’m really curious to see what you guys can make with all those samples.

Again, Big thanks to them for sponsoring this video so make sure to check them out.

For now I want to thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you in the next video.

How to Legally Sample Old Tracks

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