Looking back at it again.

So first off, let me explain why I began to submit a request for a Spanish guitar video.

It’s not even funny.

So I put out a Luca Capricorn volume one that actually had a guitar loop in it.

I really really liked it.

So I was going to bring on that one.

I also shout out to my man ringtone for security as a spot on Patrick cc’s next album.

Go follow him on it.

He’s like goes, Yeah, let’s go and get into that.

Alright, so to start off, we got this guitar is the Alaia nylon guitar.

If y’all are gon na invest in one acoustic guitar bank, I 100,000% recommend getting the audio now on the guitar.

It’s worth every single penny.

So yeah, that pattern just kind of goes like this.

Alright, so while it may kind of seem complex, let me just break it down and show you all it’s really not.

So let me just start by just deleting this and building a holding pattern that’s really similar.

So the key that we’re working in is E minor, and I go to help or skill highlighting and then like minor natural, so if I build a triad 123, and this is going to be in third, so I just kind of move it over.

So let me just paste it over.

Alright, this is not what you want it to sound like.

So let me just select all that and then let me drag it out like that, Ctrl C Ctrl V.

What I do is I just pick it up 512345 or you can pick it down five Ctrl C Ctrl V to copy all that ever.

So at this point, I’m gon na just pitch all this down and I’m gon na pick this up.

And then after that is literally just put an accent so so I did another tutorial really similar to this where I just start kind of pitching a note saying like I wanted to go and then what I’m gon na do right here, I’m gon na use a So that’s like a really similar version that I just made.

I did wrong.

First of all, ROM is basically a really underrated plugin by Native Instruments.

It’s like a creative reverb plugin like Guitar Rig.

So the preset I used was go see resin.

It is a preset I use the most.

If I turn it all the way up, it kind of sounds like this.

So like a really wavy detuned reverb, so I wanted like a little bit, too.

I put it in like 25 minutes and then I had an ambience on that whenever I went to the shape section, turn the size all the way down, turn the wet down and this is a free plugin, I use it all the time, adding an EQ to really kind of like make it more

5 for the follow up I left them magnetic alone on one of those volume ducks, but I didn’t want to like them too much.

And then I had like the distortion just to kind of like push up the mids and they had more of the vintage fields after that, you know we got the slap sound.

Anyway, this is from an Apple guitar light.

This is a free plugin.

It has all these really cool sounds and stuff in it.

For that slap, I just eacute in a little bit in the editor reverbs.

After that, we got a pad from Belkin cosmic orchestra, who’s an old Chappell one.

What I did was I rendered it out, patched up this section right here, five semitones to match the root notes of the guitar, but I didn’t really do anything except for just brick wall EQ, the low end of this to kind of fill everything in.

It had these low notes, so dark. For that piano, they took a little bit of the highs out and added a ROM on it to go see resonance presets.

After that, we had the violin get the same really fire by Bravo that like the Balcon ethnic violence, but it doesn’t have such a distinctive sound.

So for the violin I just had a fruity reverb and then I had a wrong so finally last thing the whole sample This is a bird texture.

The Weaver bonus had an EQ to take out all the lows and this is from Kinah bands one shot kit.

By the way, and they go yeah Finally, I just exported everything and what I’ve been doing to all my samples recently is putting fresh air. I turn up the mid and high a little bit.

It’s like a fancy EQ and makes it sound more alive.

Chris It really starts to bring in more fires.

It’s really kind of complete the vintage feel.

Yeah, just threw some drums on and just had a rimshot in there.

So with these high hats, it is really like to be dramatic and to really really low with them.

The only secret you need to know is to start really repetitive and make minor switch ups.

I just copied this over here and here and here and I just kind of went through and made some minor changes like right here I filled this in here I messed with this right here I really mess with the velocities, you know I’m saying put in effectrix just to reverse.

I did a fresh air because I wanted my hat to be really crispy EQ and then a reverb decided to crash and then these eight awaits a really simple way better.

So you’ll notice I really left space for the artists here as often I’ll just have it hit and now just wait and then right here I’ll pick up again, so you’re really going to be leaving space now I just had an open yeah, that’s pretty much.

Anyway, please consider subscribing and I’m saying I really, really appreciate it.

I upload every Sunday.

So yeah, I thought I was going to snap on.

We’re not playing that game today.

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