Hello beautiful people.

Welcome back to the channel My name is Chu and today we’re going to be going over a four step approach for understanding one two girls’ drum bounce.

I don’t want to do too much talking because this is a long video. Shout out to the comment winner who dropped the timestamps for the last long video. We’re going to be doing the same thing in this video.

The first person to comment with the best timestamps after watching the entire tutorial is going to get every kit in my store plus the true method bundle. All you have to do is drop the comment and if you’re the winner, I’ll hit you up on Instagram.

The four steps of this tutorial are going to be laying down foundation, which includes laying down a simple 808 and cake.

Step two is going to be pouring the concrete, which just consists of basic drums.

Step three is going to be building the frame of the house, which is adjusting the drums and then adding extra sounds to create that bounce.

And then step four is going to be the decorations where we actually bring in the melody and spice of the aways to really tell a story with the beat.

Every jumps on us in this tutorial can be found in my centerfold drum kit, which you can get in the link in the description below.

You can also do a lot of the same stuff with my free 14 drum kit, which is super fire. You can also find a link to that in the description below.

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And without further ado, let’s get into the tutorial piece.

So the first step of building our house is going to be laying the foundation.

Now before I get into things, I want to say that we are going to be starting with the drums and we’re not going to add the melody until the very end. I saw a tweet a couple of months ago from world renowned billboard Platinum multi Platinum multi time billboard producer for Travis Scott

And the sorts of Ozy, who basically said he first put out a question on Twitter on this day.

And he said, What do you guys do first, melody or drums?

And then he proceeded to say that I tried the drums first. I usually do drums first.

And this was really interesting to me.

Because a lot of people, including me, have always said start with the melody.

You know, it’s intuitive to start with the melody.

And then, after getting a bunch of answers, he followed the tweet up later that day and said, You guys should try drums first.

Just try it.

And I started to do this.

It was something that I did in the past.

And I did happen to get some good beats out of it, but I never did it.

Because intuitively and based off of what the producer community teaches people, you’re supposed to start with your melody.

So there’s something that I was a little bit turned off from, but as soon as I saw this megastar say something like that, I was like let me just do it.

And I have gotten some of the best beats of my life over the last couple of months out of this dog because of that little piece of advice that he dropped in this tweet.

So that’s what I want to kind of put you guys on today.

Especially if you’re more of a drum programmer and you struggle with melodies, because in this day and age, getting a five melody is not hard, bro like there’s a lot of there’s there’s there’s millions of free loop kits with amazing

And if you, for some reason, don’t want to use someone else’s loops, go to looper man.

Pay for splice bro arcade anything like getting melodies at this point.

Struggling with melodies, this point is almost like a choice.

You don’t have to make your own melodies and if you really do want to make your own melodies, it’s not hard to learn how to make good melodies, even with previous tees.

But I’ve noticed that making the melody trying to make the melody right off the bat freezes a lot of producers, especially those guys that have that really hard drum down.

So that’s how we’re going to be approaching building our house today.

We’re going to start with the drum bounce and the melody will not come in until after the fact and I’ll show you how we’ll do that in a second.

So not too much more preface talking.

Let’s just get into it.

So the first thing we’re going to do in terms of building our foundation is we’re going to grab an eight away.

Let’s go with the centerfold drum kit because I love the ready 808 The Boy Wonder 808 We’re gon na open that up.

Soon, it’s a D hiring that my monitors on.

Okay, so we’re gon na tune in to D D sharp, because that’s what it’s always in.

And we’re just going to start.

Let’s see, I would like to go at 147 BPM. The song that wunderglo produced on Travis Scott’s last project, which was no bystanders on the astral project, wasn’t 147 BPM and I really liked that song a lot.

So I really like to start with that BPM most of the time when I’m going for this winter girl style of beats.

So let’s see I like C sharp, probably the most C sharp minor.

So let’s do something like that.

And before I even get started with anything else, let’s adjust the envelope of our way so that we can control the length of the piano roll notes.

So let’s do it. You want to start with something really simple.

This might even be too complex to start off with. I like to really just use that one root note and then come back and change it later, which we’ll talk about in the fourth step of this process.

There’s something kind of funky.

So honestly, I think that’s good, just something with a little bit of groove to it, a little bit of funk to it.

And this pattern is basically just this. If I could show it to you, I’m going to replicate it over so I can show you what I really did.

Because it looks complicated.

But what it really is is this.

This is, this is what it really is.

The thing is, though, I’ve made that pattern so many times that I found ways to start laying it down and adding variation before it’s even complete.

So this is kind of like, I hear this particular pattern in a lot of Wonder Girl beats, or I’ll hear something kind of like this.

Like, the second part of it might fill out like this.

Something like this.

Like that pattern, those particular patterns I hear in Wonder Girl beats so frequently, it’s like, it’s very, very consistent.

So I’ve practiced it so many times and you can practice it so many times that you’ll just get naturally good at laying down those types of patterns.

We’re gonna delete all that actually. Well, yeah, I’m gonna fill it out like that, but I’m gon na copy it over first, because I actually like it when it fills out like that.

And I’ll turn that into a slide.

And if you’re wondering about any of these 806808 techniques that I’m using right now, I know I’m like kind of rushing through it. I actually just dropped in a tutorial. It was the last video that I dropped.

So I’ll link it up above right now.

But then you can also check it out in the description below.

Or you can literally just go to the most recent tutorial that’s not this one.

And you’ll be able to see way more in depth about these 808 techniques, because this is where a lot of the sauce in the bounce ends up coming from, especially on the back end, which we’ll get into again, and that later tip.

So I’m very content with this 808 pattern.

Very, very, very, very good.

The next thing we have to add in is the kick.

So I’m just gon na use the good old centerfold kick, a super hard kick.

And we’re just gonna basically lay down on just about every 808. It kind of adds a little bit of bounce when you don’t have the kick hitting on every single 808.

So let’s see what that looks like.

Sometimes I like to pitch my kick down, so I might do that here.

Okay, there we go.

So now we actually have our foundation laid down, I was getting a little bit ahead of myself.

So now that we’ve dug out the ground and kind of laid down a wooden foundation, we’ve got to fill that empty space and wood foundation with some concrete.

So step two is pouring the concrete.

Now that is an analogy for adding in the basic drums.

I’m talking snare accents, snares, open hats, high hats, and just other perks.

Now this is not going to be complicated.

We’re going to make it slightly more complicated on the back end.

So at this point of the process, you do not want to focus on complications, you want to focus more on just laying things down.

So that’s what we’re going to do.

First we’re going to come at just the basic snare again. centerfold snare solid, it never flops.

So it’s gonna go with that.

And at this point, I probably don’t want to mention him anymore, because I’ve got the bounce going.

So accents, neris will probably just come in person at the center of Goldberg.

Next I’ll add the open hat.

Now something interesting that Wonder Girl does is open hats are, so put them in places where people don’t normally put them.

Let’s see which one I like.

I like this one.

So one place she puts them that I noticed that a lot of other producers don’t put them is like, she’ll put them at the beginning of each four bar or four beats section.

So like, yes, see, sometimes put them put them here.

But a lot of producers also put it at the beginning of like the entire eight bar section, but like, what she’ll do is after the first four beats, she’ll put it here where like almost nobody puts another drum sound.

So instead of putting it like on the two beat, or the three, or the four, be like people do something like this, which is hard or something like this, which is also hard, she’ll do something like this.

And it’s just like it’s just super super like different and like a different bounce because it’s like something people aren’t expecting.

And it gives artists that kind of like, it gives them like an extra pocket to hit because that it just provides like that different type of bounce that people don’t usually provide.

So something I also like to do with my high hats or not my high hats, my open hats control the envelope for these as well.

The same thing I would do for the ADA weights, so that can sound like it’s getting cut off by the other perks.

So that’s another really cool thing that she does.

And then I might just come in and add it right here.

Now one thing I’m going to do that she goes to is she’ll add like kind of ear candy things. One of those things will be like either funky perks or perk loops.

So I’m going to add a perk loop. I’m actually going to go to the blue bonnet drum kit for that though, because it has one of my favorite perks like open hat live hat loops ever.

So let’s see.

Oops, time stretched that.

So for Justin, the edge Okay, so the next thing I’m going to do is go back to this and we’re going to add some I’ve noticed she doesn’t really complicate her high hats. I’ve noticed that in post production because Travis Scott likes those trippy high hats, they turn off little boys turn off blue points on your Trump’s might add a little bit of a roll here, something like right here I learned this I learned this particular drum bounce from my boy. He just something simple like this. He does a lot of his beats or there was a time

My randomize it I randomize it just to get some panning on the high hats.

Get a little bit more and then I’m going to add a few more accent snares.

But I’m going to go to the 14 drum kit to grab those.

So let’s see.

Let’s do something like this.

Okay, so now we’ve got a pretty solid foundation and we poured the concrete and things sound good.

Now we’re going to get into kind of creating that energy and adding character into it.

So the first thing we’re going to do is step three.

The first part of that we’re going to do is step three, which is building the frame of our house. We’ve got to build the wooden frame and start putting up the walls.

So the way we’re going to do that is that we’re going to start taking away some different perks and different drums to add space and bounce to the beat.

So the first place that I usually like to do that, especially if I have some like live paths, or some other kind of ambient, your candy going on, is that I will actually start taking out a lot of different high hats in different places.

This is one of my favorite ways to do this to something like this.

And I might do this and then I’ll just start removing other subtle things like seeing some scenarios for one.

I might even remove a couple of gigs honestly.

Okay, there we go.

Okay, now we’re getting somewhere.

Getting excited.

Let’s see, just a little bit to add some more.

How can I say the space spacing?

So let’s maybe do this for the first one.

And then it could be more complex with me just trying something real quick.

We’ll see how that sounds later.

How do I take it out?

So I’m going to actually add some snares back in.

But this one will be a little bit quieter.

There we go.

And then I’ll just have this hit after every first kick.

Kind of in that little pocket that one and a half beats before it gets to another common producer bounce.

And Wonder Girl implements that a lot.

So and then I’ll probably layer this snare because I want that like last one to be accented when the kick hits on that one beat where it usually doesn’t hit the trap beats or I mean the 808 Yeah, like that instead of just a perk, it’ll sound more bouncy like that.

Okay, so now our entire house has basically been built. The house is done the beat technically is done.

So now we can get into decorating the house, which is the most fun part, especially when you do the work properly.

Bro just smacking in that melody and then tweaking the 808 for different sections is literally the best part of this process. It is so rewarding.

Especially when you get like a really good bounce like this that you like bro.

At least for me, maybe it’s different for other people, but man I’m really happy Ozy put me on this tip because it’s changed my beatmaking life bro. I’m serious.

So hear me Boogie like breathing heavy and shit getting excited.

So I’m gon na find the annihilate sample pack. This is a free loot kit made by my boy Millie. It’s got like the best fucking loops for this type of vibe.

Just like dark melodic trap loops, bro.

Skip this.

Get this loop Pac Man.

It’s not even a loop pack.

It’s a whole sample pack bro.

It’s got drums and bass to just get it man.

Just go download it literally right now.

But yeah, I’m just gon na grab a loop from here.

It’s gon na be easy to watch.

Okay, but we need to make the 808 fit.

We need to make sure the 808 fits right.

So first of all, I’m going to turn it up. And then from there, let’s go ahead and create our Ada wave pattern and make it slightly more melodic.

I’m going to split the pattern really quickly so that I can create a second 808 pattern and that’s what Wonder Girl likes to do a lot. She’ll show like kind of create a story with her Beats by using the 808 variation.

So let’s do something like that.

bring this down.

So for this first pattern, this one is going to be the one that’s different. I’m just going to make it a little bit more simple. I probably don’t want all that action like bro bro Come on man, this shit is crazy bro.

Show simple that is so basically you can do this right now. You can literally go create your own drop downs just like we just created something, hire rotate poses advice, and then you have no excuse in terms of struggle with the melody because I get if you want to make your own melody, but like production

Especially in the 21st century bro, you have a whole squad of people who want to work with you to create hits. If you suck at making melodies but you got good jump out stop frustrating yourself go get some fire loops from your boy Millie who literally made them for

And let’s blow up together like stop the stop stop it stop it stop it like seriously stop it like it doesn’t have to be as complicated as you think bro, especially if you’re one of these dudes this got hard drum bounces focus on what you can do good.

That’s what I always did.

I make decent melodies but my forte is drummed out 100% so I’ve always taken advantage of that.

You know, jazz Omen is one of my favorite collaborators ever. That dude has helped me make a lot of money. Clay is another guy. I work with heavy VB got heat bro Cody, for everybody bro, collaboration is key. Collaboration is key.

And then consistency is key.

So if you practice this and use collaboration to your advantage, or even if you’re not collaborating, collaborating with the melodies, but just preventing yourself from frustrating things, you know, on the front end, we’re trying to figure out like, what kind of key your

So I mean, I honestly think this is one of my most valuable tutorials that I have ever created.

Because this is a secret that I didn’t even really want to share with people, because I’m kind of scared that a lot of people are going to figure it out and you know, like, but honestly, it’s not even like that, like you’re supposed to just spread knowledge and

So like, I really, really think like if you heed this information and advice, you’re gon start making some of the hardest beats of your life and it doesn’t even have to be just for like Wonder Girl type beats.

You can literally use this technique for any genre, any genre.

So like, just try it.

I’m telling you try to jump for it.

Do what Rosie said. Just try the drums first, just try it.

If you want to know, I’m going to go ahead and mix this beat for the show so you guys can hear it because I actually think it is super hard.

And I’m probably going to drop it on my second channel today. Happy Memorial Day, by the way, but if you guys want to know like about the mixing process or more in depth about the 808, like kind of, because I know that’s probably one of the more interesting parts, definitely check out

And then just this past weekend, a couple of days ago, I dropped a fully loaded tutorial.

Plus, I’ve got some 808 tutorials from the past with like 400,000 views total.

So I mean, I’ve got a lot of information for you to figure out this entire process.

And then if you want a more in-depth understanding of drum bounce, I’ve also got a couple of tutorials which I will link below as well.

But other than that, I don’t want to do too much more talking for this outro. I know it’s probably another long video.

So I hope you guys get crazy value out of this.

I hope you have an amazing day if you’re from the US. Have an amazing Memorial Day if you’re a veteran, or if someone in your family is a veteran or you know someone in your family has lost their life and service.

I have I have such an immense appreciation for you because you protect the civil liberties that I enjoy every every day or your family members protect the civil liberties or they have protected the civil liberties that I enjoy every every day, and that I definitely take for granted most of the time.

So blessings to all United States citizens.

I love you guys.

I love my country.

And I just hope you have an amazing day.

I love you and I’ll see you soon.

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