The lapstone said, Hey, Brian, man, I have a question.

How do I monetize my profile account?

Reach on Instagram to sell albums and merge or get brand deals?

Slash collabs?

Alright, how do you monetize?

I don’t know if you’re saying how do I turn on a monetization feature?

In some ways?

Or are you just saying how do I get more sponsorships and things of that nature?

Now, let’s just go with the ladder.


If you’re talking about how do I get more sponsorships?

How do I position myself as a brand that people care about and want to be a part of? A lot of that comes from the aesthetic that you build out.

Alright, just point blank, do you look like something that’s interesting, something that’s cohesive? It doesn’t have to be professional high quality, it needs to have a cohesive feel that a certain demographic can relate to it.


So, because I, as a company, have a message that I need to get out to a certain demographic, right, and if you match that demographic, beautiful, right, your aesthetic, you know, my demographic might require super, super high quality visuals, my demographic might actually require a lower quality look, right, a more organic feel, and actually hate super high quality.

So first, you need to figure out who you are, what you’re trying to do and accomplish.

And once you do that, then you can think about companies and sponsors that want to match that.

And if you need any help with that, actually, while thinking about it, this is the perfect time.

So at our agency, contract RAM, we actually just launched a small, you know, we’re testing it, the ability for artists to reach out to us, reach out to us and do an audit.

So we’re gon na audit people’s entire web private presences and profiles and do a diagnostics where we can show you exactly what you need to do to improve all your profiles and better yourself for brand sponsorship companies to partner with.

higher conversion in general, just getting the entire thing into a cohesive brand narrative story.

And something that’s actually going to be something that not only, like I said, gets you better conversion, but ups your brand sponsorship capability.

Alright, but I’m not gon na go into that deeply.

If you want to check that out, like brand man contra brand, that agency, check that out.

Understand that, if you want to position yourself for growth, right?

It’s all about understanding what you have going on. Too many artists want too much without even knowing who they are.

without having a strong enough identity to be attracted to other people.

So if your identity isn’t strong, you don’t know what direction you should go in.

Why should somebody else just see you and then choose a direction for you?

There are some people who are like, man, I know exactly what to do with that guy.

He doesn’t even know what to do himself yet.

But most people, you really have to mean something to them, and already exhibit something, even if I don’t know.

Or even if I don’t think that you’re for me, I should be able to say Yo, you need to meet my friends X, Y, and Z.


Or he would be better off if he met this guy. Even if I don’t know him, I should be able to tell where he belongs.


If you don’t know where you belong, don’t expect other people to know that either.

All right.

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And now, back to whatever I was talking about.

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