Yo guys, I’m Jenny from juicer school.

And in this tutorial, I will show you how to make a remix of a track.

The first thing you need to do is to download the original song.

I’m using gorgos to remind you to forget that you can do this with any song you want in this tutorial.

I won’t play too many songs, because otherwise, we will get some copyright problems.

So yeah, I downloaded the track.

And what is really important is is to know the BPM of the track.

And I always use the internet for that.

And there’s a site called Sankibpm.com.

And it shows you the key and BPM of the track.

So just search for a song, and then you will see the BPM, like in this box.

So this drag is 99 BPM, so let’s select the tempo of the track to 99.

So now the tempo is set, what you don’t want to do is to find out jorts off track. There’s also another site for that, and it’s called Jordy phi.

And it’s just really easy to work with. It shows you the cause of the track or you can play the track.

It never phases a word.

And then the first part of the track you can hear.

And we’ll show you that the quarter displayed is a C chord.

In this box, it will show you the notes of the C chord.

So let’s open up a WLC do again, open up a piano.

And let’s just make that C chord like this.

And let’s try to match it with the original track phaser and, as you can hear, it is not on the beat.

So sometimes you have to just cut out a bit of the first part of the track to make sure it’s correctly fitted to the beat.

And you can select the metronome to check if it’s a bit of a phaser.

So, as you can hear now, it sounds good.

And this part, there’s an F court like this.

So just looking up the notes like an F an A or A-C like this, and then putting it into FL Studio is like cloaking, cloaking or masking.

And then in this foreskin, it goes up again to the C courts.

As you can see, right here, this part.

So let’s copy the C chord over greatest.

And this just repeats a certain time is the greatest.

And in this part, you can hear this chord doesn’t fit the original track.

And that means there’s another chord progression and a lot of songs there are more chord progressions that one just to make it more interesting for the listener.

So yeah, just go further down the track.

And then you can see a new chord progression starts like and this is the part we want.

So it starts with a minor chord like this, and you just look up the notes and copy them again.

Let me just open up a new pattern.

So it was an A minor chord.

It’s only one bit long.

Then it goes to the F court and then the C, so like this and this must be the C chord like that.

Just make this one a little bit longer.

Now and then it should be fine.

No, you can make a remix with an original track like this one.

But most of them, it’s really useful to use an acapella, and an acapella is just the song without the instrument is just only the vocals.

And what you don’t want to do is just to make sure that Capella is on the same beat as the original track. It never fades away like this.

And then you just can’t remove the original, it never fades away, stay and just repeat it like that.

And most of the time, you don’t want to work on the same bpms original track because this one is a bit slow if you want to make more house songs.

So what you then can do is to go to the sample and go to mode and then it’s like stretch.

So this will stretch the acapella without pitching it.

And now we can just speed up the song, like for instance one on 28 BPM, now have a phaser.

And now you have just the basic chord progression stemple and the acapella is now a fiddle to the beat.

And from this point, you can just start by adding layers of melodies, a drop, or whatever you want.

So there’s maybe a buildup like that.

So yeah, that’s just how you make remakes of Trek.

It is really simple.

And if you have any questions about this, make sure to comment below. I will answer them.

I hope you guys enjoyed watching this tutorial, and I’ll see you guys in the next tutorial.

And make sure to leave a like and subscribe.

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