So we are back with the beloved series how to do various things like a god and I personally know just how much you guys absolutely love these series.

So in today’s video, I’m sure you guys had a sample like a god and before the video starts, just want to let you guys know that my drumkit three has officially dropped. If you want to check that out, it’s in the description. I’m sorry, it took

I’m gon na be using those drums in this video.

Also, if you guys can follow me on Instagram at Oh my forex for super, super close to hitting 10,000 followers, I promise after hitting 10,000 I’ll shut up. You guys don’t have to follow me on Instagram anymore.

I just want 10,000.

Alright, I think I said everything I need to say. Let’s make this beat up the first part of this whole sampling process is obviously you got to find your sample.

So I’ve already downloaded this old album that I found on the internet. I just thought it sounded cool.

So we’re gon na go ahead and start digging to see if we can find something we like.

I don’t really know what I’m looking for, I’m just waiting for something that really just catches my attention.

All the phone, that’s exactly what we were waiting for.

We found a sample we want to use. Just listen back one more time.

And what I like to do when I sample is find one little part that loops like that you can just play and just keep flipping back and forth.

So to start this off, I just want to find the beginning of this.

So we could find where the loop begins.

So I’m pretty sure it’s right here.

And right there is where the loop like restarts.

So I’m going to go ahead and choppy right there.

So let’s go ahead and just take what we don’t need out. You got to make sure you change this take this off stretch when you’re chopping it up.

So let’s just go ahead and do that.

Now it starts like this.

So it loops right there again, and honestly, for that strategy, you just have to kind of just work with samples and just know when things loop. It’s pretty easy.

And you should probably get it really quickly.

But it’s different for everyone.

Also, I want to go for more of a boom bap vibe.

So I’m going to change the BPM to like 90.

So on that trombone hate or whatever instrument that is, I think that’s where it loops.

So let’s cut that and see if it loops.

So it’s a little off, you see how it’s not so smooth.

So I’ll just push it back a little bit more.

Now that you’ve got your perfect loop, it might loop on its own, but it’s not going to sync up with the BPM because if I turn the metronome on and you take a listen, it’s all types of off.

So what you want to do is turn this stretch tool on and find like a four bar region.

So this is four, bar eight, we’re gon na do eight. If you don’t know what a four eight bar is, what I like to do is like pull up just an empty drum rack, do bar, and there that’s an A bar right there.

So that’s just kind of like a reference I like to use when I’m sampling.

So now and I don’t want it to change pitch.

So let’s go ahead and change this resample to auto. This is going to make the pitch back to what it was.

Also, to save time when you’re stretching it.

Let’s go ahead and right click here and then make a unique a sample. This basically just going to take what we just made and just cut it so it’s not playing the whole sample every time we stretch it.

So now we just have this.

But if you look closely at these bars, they’re not hitting exactly where they need to be.

So this is actually a good case, because a lot of samples even when you do this up to this point, it’s not perfectly on the grid.

So I’m gon na show you guys how to do that.

So now I’m gon na split it into two bars.

And I just want to grab each two bars and make sure it syncs up perfectly.

So we’re gon na go ahead and do is find where each one is.

So this is the first one.

This is a second right here, so it’s going to just make a little cut right there.

Another one right there.

Another one right there.

So now we have chopped up into four pieces.

Now what you want to make sure you do is right click on these and make them all unique.

So they’re all different.

I’ll show you guys what that’s going to do.

So you see it should be starting right there.

So let’s go ahead and change this to none, turn this stretch on, move it over to that bar, move this over, stretch this Nazi out sounds.

So those loops, well let’s just move this one to just line everything up.

Push this back, move this stuff.

If I didn’t make these unique, then if I stretched one, it would stretch the other one.

That’s why I want to make sure you separate all of them.

So now we have this So that is a perfect loop right there.

So now that we have it perfectly on grid, I like to record this into Edison to get it all in one waveform, not just split up like that.

So let’s go ahead and open up Edison.

Now we could go ahead and open up a fruity slicer and this is where we’re going to be chopping and rearranging. If we want to the sample, what you want to do when you first throw it in is click here do beat.

So now it’s split up, you want to make sure you turn up your attack because that’s going to get rid of the clicking.

Alright, so now that we got this, I think I want to pitch it up just a little bit.

So let’s just see what sounds cool.

Now we want to make sure you have full control over the samples. Go over to this envelope tab and turn off everything besides the hold so that when you press down on it, it’s going to release as soon as you take your finger off. At this point, it’s kind of personal preference how I personally think that some samples sound better not chopped just left alone, but I think for this I’m gon na do something like this.

Something simple like that.

So just go ahead and do that real quick.

And now we can start adding some drums. Of course, we’re going to be using my drum kit three times. Gonna go ahead and grab all the drum sounds I want to use. Then we can continue this. I thought I got loaded up was the scenario here.

Just really gritty and fits the type of Beaver going for a hi hat traditional hi hat kick a weight and I added two weeks just want to add kind of like my own flavor, so I want to go ahead and record these high hats in to get some human feel to them.

So I set my menu to the right of me like that second one. We got some high hats going on the kick go ahead and mute this I could just hear the drums by themselves. Oh I pretty decent drum pattern right there.

Right now we could do the 808 so now that we got this I want to bring back the original sample and kind of create some sort of intro kind of got the sudden inspiration to add like an acapella over this. I just searched up 90 BPM acapellas and I just found Mr. mentality is money, you’ll be tainted because we will go back and do that alright, so I apologize if I got a bit carried away there at the end, but I hope you guys learned something from this video.

Hopefully your sample game has improved once again. All the drums used in this video can be found in my drum kit which is in the description but thank you guys for all the support. Let me know what you guys want to see next and hope you enjoy the rest of your day.

Peace out.

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