What is up, my fellow household appliances, and welcome back to another episode of table making beats. That’s what I’m calling my youtube channel that from now on, it’s just a table making beats being you to prove it hoody to prove it.

I hope everybody is doing well.

I know I personally have been struggling to keep up the inspiration.

I don’t know what it is.

I feel like since the world is in a global pandemic, and everybody has to stay home, and I was already staying home, this should be my time to shine, I should be making more content than ever, right?

Nope, man’s been struggling with motivation.

I don’t know what it is.

But a few videos back, I promised you guys a full video on Serato sample.

Here it is how to sample like a pro with Serato sample.

Let’s get right into it.

So first things first, I got this drum loop ready to go.

So yeah, here it is.

Serato sample.

Now this isn’t I’ve never looked into the handbook, I just want to show you the features that really take me as a producer to the next level when I’m using this, as opposed to just using the sampler or the sampler built into Ableton, or whatever doll you

Now, these are just four songs.

So that’s why I say this is really professional because with loops, simpler, super easy to just chop up loops, you can do loops here, if you want, like, you can still have all the cool features.

But where it really excels is when you want to get into your fat soul samples and all that.

Just go with that first one.

So analyzing it says the tempo is 81.

And the key is in C.

So usually, that’s what it is.

Or at least it’s pretty close.

The first thing I normally do is you just want to hit find samples. There’s a few different options. You got set, random set, slice here, find samples, and find samples. It’s going to go in like the software is going to go in and just find samples for you.

So that’s what I normally do.

Just hit that it’s going to load up, boom, you see these letters here.

That way, you can just do it right on your keyboard.

Or you can do it on your pads or whatever.

No, see, it’s already good.

Alright, so that’s why I love it. You just boom, automatic, you don’t have to go in and adjust anything if you don’t want to one thing to pay attention to if you want it to see how when you tap it, it doesn’t keep going, you

So now another cool thing I like is you can favorite certain samples.

So you can tell I already like that one.

I like that one.

So I like D right.

Alright, so I favorited those.

So now when I find samples, again, it’ll go out, and it will find more samples to fill up the other pads, but the ones you like stay the same, so you never lose those.

Yeah, so that’s another really cool feature.

So you can keep cycling through finding different shots that you’d like while also keeping the ones that you like the most.

Another thing that I like to do when I’m sampling is always change the pitch. You can either I don’t know, some people like the high pitch samples.

Some people like the low pitch samples. Me personally, I like low pitch, but let’s try high pitch.

Let’s go up to F sharp.

The real way to sample like a pro is to really tap into your creative spirit, and you just have to mess around with stuff.

That’s the number one key to sampling like a pro is just messing around.

noise So one thing you want to do with samples like this, if they have drums, I think I said this in my last video.

You can hear the drums and stuff already in there.

So you just want to EQ it a bit 100% you want to roll off the low end. Let’s get some of the high end out as well.

See that difference right there?

And that usually kind of hollows it out a little bit.

So you’re gonna want to use something like now just in case I don’t want to mess anything up. I’m going to duplicate this if you want to manipulate your sample more, but you already have a cool idea you’d like to duplicate it and start.

So yeah, a lot of beats like this that are like soul samples, they kind of suffer from a lack of variation, just because you only have a certain amount of chops, whatever, whatever.

It’s not like a melody, we can just change it.

This is why I really liked the Serato sample. You can have that.

And then maybe in the next half, you want to do some.

So sometimes you have a sample like that, that you like how it starts over there.

I’m gon na drag that to where I want it.

Oh my God, did you hear that?

So I want to add another one where it is actually sorry.

We have to find the slice that comes after that.

Which is pretty far away.

But we’ll just bring that on.

Bring that on down here.

And let’s find that.

All right, see, now we got some What’s wrong with it?

Let’s see.

I don’t know, is it too high?

They just needed to be nudged.

Okay, I think that works.

Let’s see.

So one thing that people do with samples of like toys and stuff, they’ll roll it all the way like they’ll roll the high end all the way down.

Let’s see if certain parts of your sample aren’t really matching up where you want it to be.

You can time-stretch each individual slice as what I did with that just so I could go along with the beat better and we can reverse it.

See how you can reverse each individual slice and, as you can see, this one stayed the same, right?

That’s the gist of the Serato sample.

Now I’m going to try and make this beat sound good just because I hate it.

Just get rid of that one we don’t need anymore.

duplicate this one.

I’m also going to flatten it.

See, how I can just warp it and kind of quantize it how I want it to be since it was kind of kind of off a little bit.

Think that wears a little soon.

A quick recap on the Serato sample My key favorite features is that whatever song you drop into it detects the key the text tempo, syncs it up with whatever tempo you’re already in. change the key at any time and keep the same tempo. It automatically will find a shop for you and you can go in find

Each feature on here can apply to each individual chop, which is like super next level don’t plugin, especially if you don’t have a lieutenant, you don’t have the simpler, but yeah, that was informative.

Let me know shout out to everybody on my Patreon shout out to everybody listening to my music on all platforms.

If you liked the video, make sure you hit that thumbs up, hit that subscribe button, comment below what type of video you want to see next tutorial wise. I already have a bunch of videos planned, just kind of random lo-fi flips and all that kind of stuff.

But as far as tutorials and what you guys want to learn, drop some comments below, let me know, and I’ll get to it if I haven’t table.

Don’t let anybody tell you what you can or can not be.

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