What a good word. It’s a boy’s twist.

And welcome to another tutorial edition of five minutes a twist.

And in today’s tutorial, I’m gon na be dropping some gems on how you get that artist or producer’s name trademark, which is something I just accomplished myself.

And I felt like, why not show the world, because a lot of people don’t know about that in the music industry or know how to do that.

But before I get started, I want to drop this little disclaimer that I’m not a legal professional.

Okay, I’m just simply giving you some general knowledge of how to fill out your trademark information to make sure you get your thing registered.

As always, it is always, always advised to find somebody who legally knows what they’re supposed to do, or to be able to break down extra rules that we may not understand.

But what I’m about to drop on you right now, you’ll be able to successfully register your name and get it copyrighted.

So make sure you stay tuned for this tutorial.

Before we get started, I just want to do this really quickly out here.

While you may be able to register your trademark with other agencies and stuff like that, I’m just gon na let you know, it’s really like taking the car to the shop. You’re really paying mostly for the labor for something that you could probably do yourself if you take the time to learn how to do it.

So if they need those extra fees, ma’am, they are way more than what you would pay if you try to do it yourself.

The only downfall to that is usually when you go to somebody who legally knows how to do this stuff.

That’s their job.

They know all the ins and outs and some of the things that you may need to do.

So when you do it yourself, you kind of risk potentially missing out on some things.

But um, this is just general information. It’ll allow you to at least get the ball rolling, and to do this process to register per class, because there are different classes.

And I’ll explain that a little bit more, but per class is $225 on one plan, and then you get 275 on another plan.

But we’ll get to that when we do it.

So the website you want to get to is uspto.gov

And that’s the United States Patent and Trademark Office. That is official.

Just be careful with these other websites out there that may be taking your money and you’re putting your information out there.

This is it.


So you know, it’s the government.

And, you know, they take things seriously when you when you go in there.

So the first thing you want to do before you get crankin is you want to make sure that your name and your stuff are available.

So the first thing you want to do is highlight over here, and the trademarks.

And then you want to search for trademarks, so once you do that, you want to use the trademark electronic search system, or TSS. You click on that.

And the option I usually use is number three words and or design Mark search.

So what this does, is it allows you to not only see if your name is available, but say, for instance, if they may have a design or something like that on there, that you may not know that you can’t use.

This just picks it all up.

So you just click on that.

And so I saw I was doing an example earlier.

So what you do is just right here, you just type in the name.

So let’s let’s do Beyonce, because she’s pretty, pretty big. You know, the beyhive was good.

She hit Submit Cory.


So if you look, it’ll tell you the issue of the serial number that they registered on.

And it’ll say word mark, or whatever the description or the name is that is being trademarked.

And this is live or die.

If you see something that says “dead”,

That means it is something that is no longer available.

Well, no longer registered.

And sometimes it may happen just because the person doesn’t, you know, renew the trademark for that name.

And the reason why that may happen is when you don’t have somebody legally doing this for you.

Um, you have to be in charge of renewing this thing by yourself.

And it’s good for 10 years, but halfway through that, you have to basically let them know that, hey, we’re still using this.

And it is still in motion.

So sometimes a lot of people forget because they register and remember. It’s on you.

So you know, I would make every attempt to remind yourself when you register that you can do that because it deals with the fall through the cracks or sometimes they just abandon them.

They just don’t want to use it any more.

It’s not in business anymore.

They don’t want to use it.

So if you look at Beyonce, she has a lot of things that you know are her trademark.

So you got Beyonce to rise.

So let’s see what that is.

Um, so it tells you the different codes. You remember, I told you music has different codes.

Each one of these are your classes are highlighted right here for all of those as your different classes and they all represent different things. You’ll be able to see that when we get ready to go in, and it goes really in detail.

So it tells you that this is part of her perfume, probably her perfume that she had.

Um, they first used this in 2014 for us to commerce.

Let’s go back and let’s look at Bay half Bay is her trademark. She may have zero 41.

That’s basically a performance.

So it tells you right here entertainment services, namely a website where a community of users can post messages and photos and videos. It really goes into detail featuring information related to the singer, beyond saying those are podcast webcasts online.

So that’s that’s what she’s trademarked for that.

And so it just tells you all those things.

And then when you get that big, your trademark and everything that you need, you can trademark that.

So those are just some things that you won’t have an issue with. Saucer fears was dead on that one, but I’m pretty sure she updated it at some point of time.

So they just tell you a bunch of stuff, that she has a trademark.

So if you see that it’s live and your name is not there, whatever.

And you’re good to go. You’re gon na want to go to this page.

And what I’m gon na do is I’m gon na just go ahead and just post that in your description, so you can get there.

And this basically tells you what classification you have.

So, say, for instance, you’re in the music industry. You type in music. When you type in music, a lot of things are going to pop up.


So when you look at the code, the class here, this tells you what class it is. Okay, so 00, like I said, the music uses 009.

So you got music headphones. That’s not what you’re really good at.

But, um, zero 41 is the production of music.

And it tells you right here, education, providing training, entertainment, sports and cultural activities.

So you got to register for 00041009.

So this is 0041.

So when you get to that class, you’re going to check all the things that fall on the 041 that you do.

So for 041.

You also have music production services, composition of music for others, and music publishing services.

So if your producer is going to be doing 041009, it’s just to make sure you take care of your streaming, so you got downloadable downloadable files. You know, you keep looking at everything that’s compact. You want to take care of that 009041 is music composition.

So it just tells you all those things, like everything that’s in that class that you do. You’re going to want to check it.

And just to give you an FYI, something that I learned when I got to the end, once I registered after both classes, each class was 25 per class.

So you’re registering for 0090 for one. That’s 225 times two.

So that’s just to let you know.

So when you get done, you can just click on that.

Go back to trademarks, and apply online.

If you come down to these different things,

This is just a lot of information just for you to understand what’s going on and everything.

But if you’re ready, you just hit number one.

And then you can again. They’ll tell you the different things that tell you the Ts. Plus, the following option has more requirements up front.

When you submit your initial application, as a result, you pay a lower fee.

The standard filing option has fewer requirements up front. However, you must eventually meet all the application requirements and pay a higher fee of $275.

So obviously, I went for the shorter one, went ahead and just cut the head off.

And they need to let you know down here the difference in filing fees.

So this one here, the t a s plus pay from 25 to 75.

This is when you pay your fees.

So for the plus, you pay all application filing fees with your initial application. For the standard, you pay one application filing fee with your initial application and the rest later in the process.

So I just went ahead and did the first part.

So you go hit start application and it will load up. They’ll tell you to create an account and you get to this screen after you create your account.

Definitely, take your time and read all this stuff. It is very helpful to you.

But it just tells you at the beginning, the first step you do is fall in which one. You could do the 225.

This one we’re doing, and is asking is an attorney filing this application?

Is an attorney yes and no, hit No.

And then it says, basically, just so you know, please, you know, check out this information, where you are going.

So right here, it would be like, if you have a picture or something like that, that you’re doing for your images, that’s where you upload it up there.

If you don’t have anything like that, it’s okay to say continue.

And you put the owner of the mark, so you’ll put your name.

So for me, well, I’ll put Jane, John Doe.

And I’ll put Sr.

Just in case, I’m just gon na say if you have a DBA or something like that, you put that there, and for D type, if you’re registering under your LLC, you put the corporation there, blah, blah, blah, but nine times out of 10 You’re just an individual, you’re just trying to do it.

You select where you’re doing it in the United States. You put in your mailing address, so 2121 that guy’s lane.

Okay, so, you know, they may want to put it in Atlanta, Georgia.

SMA home, see Savannah.

And do one 400 split into two or four to six. Uncheck this box if you don’t know.

Put your name.

Put your number.

name number in your address, he put an ad or if you have a website.

So you continue. I keep telling you to do that, but basically just tell you what you need to do at the bottom.

So here is where you will put in your mark.

So we said DJ was like a mec.

And you just click Preview, and they’ll show you what it looks like. That’s what you’re going to see when it comes up there.

If you have any pitches or anything like that, that’s where you add that stuff. Don’t add that stuff because you already have registered. This is the additional segments form. It is used to enter various legal information statements of the mark. You’re not doing that.

Alright, so once you come here, you want to add your goods and services.

And it just tells you a lot of stuff. This is why we went to that separate link to just basically check on the different classes that you may classify for and then, after that, after creating and completing the list of goods and services for this application, you will then be able to in the next section of the forum to designate the filing status.

And as in basically just clicking on Add services again and again, it tells you what you can do, but you can put music because that’s what you’re doing.

Alright, and again, since we already looked, you can even be more specific with music 009 and this tells you everything and everyone doing music.

So let’s see.

download these files, yes compact this music.

audiotapes with user music You just want to double check the download of music pre-recorded because that’s a digital music download for the internet.

You know, you just scroll through children’s educational Yeah, we do that.

You know, do you just go check whatever you need to check?

And you just hit insert check entries.

and then you want to assign it and they’ll tell you which one.

Normally you do one because that’s what you were assigned to do.

Um, and this is where they basically want proof of what you do.

So if you’re just doing a name, I use something like cover art, or something like that, that has your name on it.

So, in this case, in this case, you’re not gon na have something off the chain, but I’ll just, you know, I don’t have a cover artist, something like that.

Let me see.

Um, that might be something.

Oh, we just put that away right now.

Okay, file, upload, attach.

Alright, return the application.

Alright, that’s done.

Okay, so, if you’re registering for a different class, you’re going to have to repeat this again for the next one.

And when I first did it, um, I had put both classes. I went ahead, I went back, and did it.

I did it. I had both forevermore here.

And he kept replacing them, and I was getting frustrated.

Like, why does it keep replacing?

And what do you have to do in each class individually?

So being that you registered for that class is still asking for information, you got your stuff up there, description of what it is cover art.

We first did this on today’s date.



So what’s today’s date?

05 is me. I would say 20 2020 05 20 2020.

Once you do that, so find the basis.

I and it basically just gives you a warning for a Make sure your stuff is scraped and legit, because we will come for you.

And you can add There you go.

So this one you can add extra services and do that again and then boom.

But I know I did it one by one just to, you know, make sure everything was straight.

So they tell you about John Doe Senior.

If you’re like, you know, legal, you fill that stuff out.

And they tell you here you got one class for $225. That’s how much you sign directly.

You can check, check, read the following statements before signing the statements by checking this item below.

Um, you know, make sure everything is Gucci. That’s Gucci, das goochy, goochy, goochy, goochy.


And then you put your name on there, and you validate it, and it takes you to your purchase screen.

And it asks you how you want to purchase it.

And that’s pretty much it.

You just followed your trademark, you just trademarked your name. Bro, it’s really, really that simple.

It’s really as simple as that.

And solidus.

And the reason why I didn’t know, I didn’t want to go through there because, like I said, you don’t want to keep putting false information in.

And then, you know, I got my account and stuff set up.

So we automatically do that again.

And I’m gon na be bold, but I mean, that’s that’s pretty much.

That’s pretty much it.

That’s pretty much it. I took you to the hard part.

And that’s the easy part.

And pretty much that’s it. Bro, I saw that all it takes to trademark your name is $225. You don’t check all the boxes of everything you did.

And that’s it.

That’s it, and most agencies charge you about $500 to $600 to do that.

And, you know, save some money in your pockets.

So if you have any questions about how to do that, make sure you comment down below.

Thank you for watching this video.

I hope it serves you well.

I hope this general information allows you to take that next step and ownership, because now your name is no longer just a name that you’re using as a brand.

And in the words of Jay Z, man.

I’m not a businessman.

I’m a business man.

So I spent another five minutes on tourism.

It’s a boy’s twist and a mouth surfer.

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