We’re going to talk about learning the system so you can manipulate the system.

Okay, most music artists, well mostly 99.9% of music artists, but they also don’t even realize this.

And it’s the single most important thing for your music to organically spread on any social media network or platform, including YouTube, Instagram, Spotify, everything, okay, so listen very closely.

Suppose you get your music or your video, anything into the algorithm on any social media platform.

In that case, that means that it starts recommending and showing your song or your video to other people who think you would like it, okay.

It does that based on the data that it gets from every single person they want to pick.

All the data says, well, they’ll probably like this one because they want to keep the person on-site.

We’re going to go through this, you’re going to be like, Yo This is so important.

This is how you organically spread.

You step back, and it just goes.

You gain a million fans if it’s so good.

He started getting recommended by everybody.

I tell you how you need to self recommend, okay, this is a free music promotion, it’s worth 10s of 1000s of dollars, okay?

Because imagine Instagram recommending your song.

This is very powerful.

And you have to spend a lot of money for something like this to happen.

You can’t buy your way into the library.

We have to buy ads.

First, let’s start with when a site like Instagram, Spotify, or YouTube will start magically sharing your song and recommending it to other users on the platform.

Like when does that happen?

Well, because these sites want to keep you on the site for as long as possible, which I’ll break down next.

They know that they can’t keep you on the site unless the content you are consuming keeps you entertained.

If you’re not entertained, you leave.

You don’t keep a video going and click to another video, if the first video that you clicked when you went to the platform sucks, right?

Because if you didn’t go to YouTube or somewhere or Spotify to listen to music specifically, you don’t just continue wandering.

If you go there to listen to one thing, then you leave.

You don’t continue going.

So it has to be entertaining.

And the sites know that they have to pull you in.

These platforms track all the data, including how much people engage with the songs.

It comes down to how long they actually watch it or listen to the song.

Okay, it comes down to if they like it.

And then a lot of other factors, if they engage all those factors, all add up to how it decides to share your music, the songs, and the videos that keep people on their website for as long as possible, get rewarded, and share with everybody else on the platform.

Okay, the songs and the videos that keep a watcher on the site for the longest amount of time are put into the algorithm by the site, which means that your song or your video gets recommended and shared more organically.


Well, because they know from all the data that people are watching this video.

So if we show this video to other people, they’re probably going to watch it just as long.

And according to the data, they all watched the video for a long time.

So we show this to people, and it’ll keep them on the site longer too.

So what is a website like YouTube or Instagram?

Even though they keep you on the website, here you probably didn’t realize the more time you spend on a website, the more data the site gets to collect from you.

The longer you spend on a website, the more ads the website can put in front of you to make money from you.

So, of course, they want to keep you on their website as long as possible.

And, of course, they put your song or your video in the algorithm for people to come across because now they’re using your song and your video to make their money.

Because the data shows your song or video keeps people on the website longer, they can run more ads to people, which means they make more money.

Whoa, but only because you made such a good song that people engaged with and stayed watching.

And this is why an amazing song will organically automatically spread on Spotify, on YouTube on Instagram, if every listener clicks your song on say Spotify.

If every person listens to the whole song they read they play it again they repeat it afterward, they listened to it all the way through.

They like your song they favorite yours only added to a playlist and then they follow you.

Spotify can see from the data even if they can’t Oh, this must be a good song.

Every person going to this is interacting with this.

They’re saving their ideas into a playlist.

They’re listening to it, and they follow the person.

This is going to be a great song like this.

If 1000 people on Spotify listen to your song and 800 of those 1000 people like the song, save it to their playlist and follow you.

That means 80% of the people who hear your song like okay, but 1000 people hear your song and only 50 people do those same actions like liking and following all that.

It’s really not valuable enough for Spotify to recommend it to people because people don’t care enough.

One in 20 people care instead of So you know if somebody turns your song on, and they skip your song within 30 seconds, Spotify can see well, there’s no point even sharing this with people because people don’t even listen to it.

They don’t like the first 30 seconds, and that’s exactly why Spotify does not pay you for a stream.

That’s under 30 seconds.

You know that there’s another music marketing video straight from the rapper shortcodes in the fan base formula, which happens in week four, the rapper shortcut where it’s a week-by-week guide completely organized for you to take week by week.

To take it from anywhere that you’re at to the level of where you’re making a living off of your music, and this is just one small piece.

I got another three or four of these videos just from the family formula I’m sharing with you.

Imagine what else is inside the family’s formula, okay?

It’s limitless.

Okay, there are so many things that are going to take us inside.

Still, I’ll put a link below for you if you want to see the calendar of everything that I do in a week, but we aren’t giving the calendar.

You even got to get the record show God’s given account as you can see what you got to do.

Okay, but I got the information you need if you want to do it.

I’m Rob level.

This is a smart rapper.

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After all, this is how you manipulate the algorithm or know how the algorithm works.

And that’s really what you need to know.

And that’s what your music has to be amazing.

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Keep hustling, gang.

I’ll see you at the top.

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