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This time around, I’m gonna take you through Pandora’s brand new submission process.

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Alright, so if you’re watching this channel, you’re a musician and you’ve probably submitted your music to Pandora already through your digital distributor.

Well, there’s another step to the process. There’s a little bit more than you have to go through in order to really get your music on Pandora.

A lot of people don’t know about this process because they think that when they submit their music to Pandora through maybe distro kid or CD, baby or TuneCore, that their music is automatically going to pop up on Pandora.

That’s not 100% true.

The reality is that Pandora is still a submission-based platform.

And people actually go through every single submission, and they add the information about your song to the database.

Because of this process,

That means that all of your music has to be filtered through before it can be placed on Pandora.

And in order to jump ahead of the line, you have to submit via amp that Pandora comm, so obviously, the first thing you want to do is distribute your music.

So go ahead and send your music to Pandora via distro kid, CD Baby, or any other digital distributor on the web.

The second thing that you have to do is sign up with Pandora amp.

That’s an amp, that pandora.


So I’m already on amp.

And I’m going to show you how to do this submission process with your music if you’ve taken the steps that I just mentioned.

So let’s go ahead to my computer and check it out.

So here we are at my PC, and I’m signed into amp. You go to amp dot Pandora Comm.

And once you’re there, you’ll see in your profile that you have the option for submissions. I’m going to go ahead and click submissions.

And I want to start a new submission if you’ve already submitted stuff, and hit view past submissions right here.

So let’s go ahead and start a new submission because I want to get new music on Pandora.

So to get started, we encourage artists from all backgrounds and styles to submit their music or comedy.

All submissions need to be distributed to Pandora via a digital aggregator such as TuneCore, distrokid, CD, baby, etc.

So they can all be available to all listeners on both Pandora radio and the premium service.

If your content has already been distributed but isn’t available, then please complete this form.

So first, you want to tell them more about yourself.

So obviously, I’m going to put my name and then you want to search for a UPC code.

That UPC code is, nine times out of 10, something that you can get from your distributor, unless you gave the distributor a unique UPC code, then that’s where that UPC code is going to come from.

So what I’m going to do is go on to distrokid and grab the UPC code for one of my latest songs.

Now go back to Pandora.

And I’ll paste it.

And I’ll hit Search by UPC.


There’s a song at the top by me, of course, and then I’ll go up here to the right corner, and I’ll add release.

Now they want you to give a little bit more metadata information.

So I’m going to pick a genre. Right rap and hip hop. Which track should we review?

Obviously, it’s at the top because it’s a single, and what should we know about the music?

So once I have that description done, then I’ll go ahead and make sure I read the terms of service. I agree to them, and then I’ll hit submit.

So, because the song is already on Pandora, I’m obviously not going to submit it.

But once you submit yours, then you wait a little bit of time, check Pandora amp on a regular basis, maybe every week, to make sure that you know what the status is of your submission.

And then if your music is approved, then great. That means that you can go ahead and share and promote your music more on Pandora.

And if you don’t know anything about Pandora and the tools that are available to you, then go ahead and check out my video about how I ran a featured campaign for one of my latest songs.

So that’s it. If you have any questions, leave them down in the comment section.

I appreciate you watching this video.

And until next time, it’s your homeboy wordplay, Jay Peace.

Alright, so I know you came to watch this channel just to see this video to get this problem solved.

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