Okay, so I’m gonna do a quick unboxing review of the DX 749 quick-lock, a guitar seat or musician seat. Not something I normally do, but I’ve just had an ideal opportunity because I bought two of them.

So I’ve actually already been one and I know what I want to say.

I’ll give you guys the opportunity to agree with me or not. I’ll just take you through the unboxing and then I’ll just tell you what I think about the chair.

So you can see it comes in a quick lock double quick lockbox.

This is a box within a box.

So good at quick lock for protective packaging in transit.

But I will just open this up and show you what’s in there.

Okay, so this is the box within a box quick lock. dX 749 musicians still musician still a little bit of damage in the box, which is always a little bit of a reveal. The thing about this is there was no damage in the outer box, so it must have already damaged this box when it went in, but hopefully, that’s not going to be a problem.

Let’s take a look.

So also, I debate as you can see what you can roughly package on the inside of this book.

This, I believe, is the secret factor. The secret is the seat itself and the main components.

That’s it. There are three bits. Let’s see them together.

very quickly.

There’s not really a lot more to read.

There was an instruction leaflet in the other one via email. I don’t really need it.

So this is the main component that’s got the footrests already attached.

That just needs to be opened up.

Yeah, simple as that.

This is the back where they said simple instructions.

Just some pictures basically telling you to open this up.

slip on the seat first and then the backrest.

Good point, because I was going to put the restaurant first.

We’ll work on that later.

So here we have a seat.

That’s just like saying you pull the plug right into the fall into whatever hole you’re in. There is some kind of safety mechanism here for putting in that hole underneath.

But the key point to that is if it’s good for you when you have one swap to do, and then the fact that you can still do whatever you like is good.

I like to still, but as I was waiting for it, I kind of thought that it was going to be my knife.

It was going to constitute all my practice needs and provide the perfect position for sitting in. I never really found that to be the case, I have to say.

I mean, they’re still fine, they’re good.

They’re solid.

Well, the bill is quite a heavy unit.

It is very easy to adjust the different things, but here’s the problem I found with the box.

If you can see all the boxes, you’ve got a picture. I have a man sitting kind of in a contemporary way with the guitar, more like he’s got a classical guitar in his hands.

But he’s sitting, more likely sitting with an electric guitar.

He’s right-handed and he’s sitting on his right leg.

That’s kind of fine that that does work.

If I show you if we’re going to sit here with a guitar, you can sit on one side of the guitar with your feet on the floor, you can sit on it with your legs up here.

It’s not quite far forward enough. I think the leg rest, considering how far the seat comes, may not be quite happy sitting and practicing like that. To a certain extent, it’s not that comfortable.

I mean, let’s put the seat down a little bit.

So my feet are flat on the floor.

Let’s see what the left, right, and right view that I just found in an experiment is not.

So we’ll put that down in the back. It is good that it can go up and down.

But obviously, because there’s this angle.

As you take it up a school further back, normally you want to sit with your back straight.

If you’re going to act this way, then you are going to be slaughtered or you’re going to sit further back in the chair.

Yeah, when that works for me, this would have to be low.

I am not convinced about the back rest.

So I lowered the seat a little bit.

And I can get my feet flat on the floor now.

But I still have to sit on the edge of the seat to get in the right position combined with a style that feels okay.

But it’s not really I can’t. The backrest didn’t really do anything. I might just as well be on a normal chair because I have to perch on the edge to get my feet flat.

And this foot up to the right playing position.

If he was using a classical guitar, if you want to use it for classical guitar, I’ve got a small part-sized guitar here.

So we’ll use that.

Probably not in June.

That works too.

I can have this foot here, this foot on the floor.

But there’s no point in having the backrest really. If you’re going to, you’re not going to be here. You just can’t sit back. Maybe with a bigger body, because this side of the seat is going to get in the way there.

I can’t really see your strings on that.

Let’s try, let’s try it with this guitar.

So we got this. It kind of works.

Obviously, you’ve got this, this CPE to sit on to be able to get the guitar properly upright, in which case the backrest is not doing its job because it’s too far away.

I might be being picky, but I can’t really find an ideal position for it.

I have tried various height points for all three components and I can’t get a fantastically comfortable position.

Having said that, it’s workable. I mean, it’s solid. It does do the job as long as you shuffle off to one side or the other, depending on whether you’re playing classically or whether you play contemporary.

So I’m not convinced they really got the design right on these.

It’s not really practical stuff because the seat gets in the way. You do have to perch on the edge.

But if you’re going to perch on the edge, then it kind of defeats the object of paying the extra money for a store with a backrest.

I have got another stool to compare it with the one that I was using. I’ll just get that.

So this is the standard. You see these a lot with various designs on the top of the fender. You can get them at different stores. They are reasonably expensive for a store, but not as expensive as the quicklock.

And with this, you can sit quite comfortably. To play classical style, the height of the feet is good, and you haven’t got a piece of furniture that’s going to get in the way of the guitar playing in the correct position.

So, in actual fact, from the player’s point of view, I think these stills are better than not. Nothing’s getting in the way, whether you’re playing a contemporary style like this, or whether you’re playing a classical style like this.

With this, with the chair, the quick lock, you’re not going to get a correct position. The best way I have actually found to use the quick lock at the moment is by having something else to put one leg even higher than the leg on the foot rest.

And that way, I can use it as a computer chair as well.

I’ll just show you that quickly.

So, like I said, I bought two of these. I bought one for myself. I teach.

So I’ve got one for fit students as well to sit on.

And the only way is because I’ve got a fairly small music room here that’s crammed with stuff.

As you can see, I like to double up the chair as a computer chair.

So I need a certain height, etc.

And the best way I’ve found to use it so far, is simply to have what is actually just a small table here that we’re used to putting one foot up on.

So I can see it on the keyboard.

But I can also put this up on here so that I can run out of Skype lessons wherever I can sit and play.

I’ve got this book down on the foot rest. I’ve got this foot up on another, on another step up to get the right position.

Obviously, that’s not ideal.

That’s not really what you buy a chair with a foot rest for.

But that’s the only way I’ve found to really get comfortable with it.

Just for general planning purposes, I would say that the one that I had originally, with the swivel top, is more comfortable.

The backrest is limited use for actual playing because you have to sit forward to get the guitar past the seat area.

But if you’re going to use a chair like me for dual purposes, and you’re going to be sitting on a computer screen, you might want a backrest on your chair. They are certainly substantial pieces of kit. They’re well made, but not really that comfortable for playing. You can’t get the right position, the footrest is not far enough out.

The back wrist slants backward too much to be useful.

So if you want one just for play purposes, I’d suggest just getting one. You’re not going to get that much benefit out of the back West.

That’s my personal opinion.

I might have been a bit woefully. This is just a quick video. I don’t make money out of these at the moment.

I haven’t got enough scrubs to warrant it.

But I just thought because I bought two, this is an ideal opportunity for me to just show you the process and I haven’t had this one set up for a while.

I’ve just not found that ideal.

Take a look at the solid.

Think about what I’ve said about the CME getting in the way of the guitar.

Please put any comments below.

I’ll try to get back to you.

And please subscribe.

I say I’m not gonna make any money.

At least I’m just trying to help anyone who’s considering buying one.

I might have helped you, I might not.

I don’t know, but I look forward to seeing you again. Maybe another video, hopefully, all these institutional videos and things soon.

Okay, so thanks for watching.

Okay, bye 

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